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Exclusive, excellent, exeptional, fantastic! These are the best words that fully describe the atmosphere as the Fourtissimo Jazz Orchestra takes over the stage. You just need to hear their unique presentation and the magic will start within you too ….

The band’s frontmen, the four Kuna siblings play their brass instruments with impacable timing. Immediately a sense of connection with the music captivates the audience. With more than a quarter-century experience, the artists give sound to their instruments with breathtaking virtuosity. In their performance they create such a unique art experience for the audience so that they can feel the overwhelming power of MUSIC .

– Valeria Kuna , ” Queen of the Night” , is the voice of the band. Her sensual trumpet play and charismatic personality extremely augments the show.
– Gyula Kuna , the first trumpeter can achieve dizzying heights with his instruments. Competent listeners just call him the”Hungarian Maynard Ferguson”.
– Bence Kuna plays horn, and it’s in itself is a rarity in this genre. He plays with unquestionable professionalism which shows for everyone what a real ” jazz hornist” is.
– Marton Kuna, the trombonist performes extremely creative , unique and incredibly perfect musical improvisations. He is also a master of his instrument.

They are the Fourtissimo’s four founding members who were being joined by some of the country’s best jazz-rock musicians.

The members of the band are:

Valeria Kuna trumpet, vocals

Gyula Kuna – trumpet

Marton Kuna – trombone

Bence Kuna – horn

András Somos – keyboards , flute

Ferenc Eder, “LA” , Peter Szuna – bass

Attila Geier , Janó Kormos – guitar

Ákos Kottler – drums

Tamas Ditzmann ” Bear ” – sound engineer

The Fourtissimo Jazz Orchestra ‘s concerts are always fine tuned to satisfy the specific audience needs and also guarantee an extraordinary cultural and musical experience.

The Fourtissimo Jazz Orchestra plays legendary songs of legendary performers and also their already extremely successful own songs in this exclusive “jazz delicacy” concert programme. The concert program contains improvisational elements. It guides the music-hungry audience through the footsteps of 60-70′s jazz-rock , beat, funk and soul legends.

Fourtissimo’s awards:

1993 – International Barcs Brass Chamber Music Appointment – Prestige Award
1995 – Passau International Brass Chamber Music Competition – Special Award
1996, 97, 98 – Pozsony Interforum Talentov International Chamber Music Competition – I. place
2005 – Fonogram Award marking like „The Newfound of the year”
2005 – Príma Award
2013 – I. Zugló Smooth Jazz Competition, Audience Award
2014 – Jazzy Jazz Song Competition, Audience Award

Individual awards:

Valéria Kuna:
1993 – National Cello Competition, Special Award
1996 – National Trumpet Competition, II. place

Márton Kuna:
1993 National AltoBrass Competition, I. place (trombone)
1997 National AltoBrass Competition, I. place (trombone) (harsona, euphonium)
2009 ITF International Alto Trombone Competition, Danmark, I. place (trombone)

Gyula Kuna:
1993 National Trumpet Competition, II. place
1996 National Trumpet Competition, I. place
1996 National Trumpet Competition, Pilisvörösvár, I. place

Bence Kuna:
1995 – National Horn Competition, I. place
1998 – National Horn Competition, I. place